Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good to Go!

Yay! Finally got ALL my paperwork in and am good to go to conduct business! I was so excited when I got my packet in the mail this evening! I am ready to get the ball rolling. It is time to start tackling the big stuff next.

I did do a lot of small stuff around the shop yesterday and today though, just in nervous anticipation, so I will show off some fun stuff I got done!

Finally got my cash wrap area covered!
This was an open shelf and I didn't like that you could see all my supplies so I found this fabric and covered the front and used scraps to make additional runners. I really like how it turned out!

Finally got a pull knob for the antique writing desk. This desk is going to be used to display handmade goods and won't be for sale, but I still had to make it pretty!

Here is the desk next to the window. I love the little knob I found. I added some tulle and ribbon, because that is just what I do!

I redid all the switch plate covers, yes, again. I am obsessive about it, I know.
I made this switch plate cover out of clippings from an old art magazine. I liked it so much, I put it by the front door.
Restroom door sign I made :) 
Redecorated the bathroom. Still have a few more things I want to add.

These are pieces I have been painting for a nice wall surprise I will hopefully be able to show off in the next few days!

Painted and decorated this little frame to go along with my Winnie the Pooh stuff !
As I was leaving the shop this afternoon, I noticed the honeysuckle is starting to bloom! How beautiful!

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