Friday, October 7, 2016

Vivi's Fairy Tea Party

No posts for almost a month, then two in one day! I am working on uploading party pictures from my granddaughter's previous birthday party photo shoots. We are planning for my oldest granddaughter's birthday in November now, "Avari in Wonderland."

I currently have three granddaughter's and one one the way. Vivi, currently the youngest, had a fairy tea party for her first birthday. Here are some images from that party we set up.

We love a good tea party!

Lots of fairy yummies

Avari is the oldest, and is always our best model
How beautiful is fairy Vivi?

The birthday girl! 

All three of our little fairies!

Fairy Naomi celebrating

Loving Fairy Sisters! 

We love to throw the girls parties as you can see. Not only do we get to make the girl's wishes come true, and give them some beautiful memories, but also we get to decorate and take pictures! 

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