Friday, October 7, 2016

Naomi is Three Under the Enchanted Sea!

I have been super busy but have been wanting to make the time to show off pictures from my granddaughter Naomi's 3rd birthday party. We had had several parties that I haven't shown off yet and hope to blog about them since we are preparing for an upcoming one in November.

For Naomi's 3rd birthday, we decided to do an "Under the Enchanted Sea" since she LOVES mermaids so much!!!!

My oldest granddaughter in her mermaid outfit and shell tiara

Lots of fun extra touches

I used brown sugar as sand under sweeties. These are vanilla wafers with icing and edible pearls

All the girls in their outfits and tiaras

My daughter made these really fun Octopus Dogs that were a hit

Mermaid thrown

Crown and wand

Lots of pretty jellyfish lanterns

All the little mermaids

Rock candy made lots of fun "jewels" for eating

The wand and crown I made

Enchanted Sea Water

One of my favorite pictures of Naomi's dress with lots of shells on her mermaid train

I made several crowns for the party which I loved doing!

Our sweetest little Naomi

Mermaid Naomi loved her party!

I created this image for the back of the invite. I also had it printed on a canvas for the table

This is the back of the invite
As you can see, we had lots of fun creating for the party and watching the girls enjoy the party! Find lots of ideas on my Pinterest Boards:
 and invites at my Etsy shop:

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