Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Lovely Tea Party

Last year for my granddaughter Naomi's 2nd birthday, we threw a shabby chic tea party for her. Almost a year later, I am posting pics. It has been a whirlwind of a year, which is needless to say since this post is about a year late. We are closing in on her 3rd birthday in a little over a month.

My original intent was to take photos of the party printable items I create to match my invitation designs and show how to use them, incorporate other elements and designs with them.. This was a fail, as I have waited too long to pull all the info together and post pictures and show the printable items with them. Sigh. I need about three or four of me to get all the things done that I want to do.

But, it was too pretty of a party and I put WAY too much work into it to not show it off. Maybe this will inspire some folks out there!

This was the cake table

Here you can see printed pendant banners decorated and mixed in with other hand created banners

This was the food and drink table.

I hand decorated many plastic cups as well as hand created tiered stands

A little better picture of the cups and napkin wraps that match the theme

Bottle wraps for juice and water. I also decorated the tops of the juices with a wee bit of bling

Mini water bottle wraps

In the center here, you can see the thank you goody bags. I also had these on the tables with tea sets

This is precious Naomi, our little cuddle bug

Lots of pretties to decorate the tables along with photos of Naomi's Birthday Dress photoshoot

Lots of tiny cakes, fruits, pearls and flowers

Naomi's cake we got from a local bakery

More of the cake table with lots of cupcakes

Overall it turned out very sweet and pretty!
I actually have more photos from my youngest granddaughter's 1st Fairy Tea Party and the girls Christmas party and photoshoot I hope to get around to showcasing. Hopefully before they turn into teenagers.

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