Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Has Come and Gone

January was a whirlwind month for me. This was my first official January selling invitations online. Truthfully, I fully expected it to be a slow month, I had no idea. It never occurred to me that Mardi Gras would be coming up, and what have sort of been specializing in? Yep.

Needless to say January was actually the busiest month I have had since I started creating digital invitations and party printable items. I thought I would show off some of my latest and greatest Mardi Gras & Masquerade invites and showcase some of the most popular ones.

By far, this is my most popular design. Typically the one with red lips, but I have it in several colors. 

By far the half masks have become most popular, much to my surprise. My original ones of these weren't that great, but when I started getting a little better at creating them, they really took off. 
This is probably, currently, my most popular design for more formal events.This invite really sparkles on a glossy paper.

With my black and silver diamond invite becoming so popular, soon requests came for the same design with more color. I now have this design in several colors.

This is a very new design that has become popular pretty quick.

Another new design that is really gaining popularity.

I have created so many things this month in preparation for Mardi Gras. Lots of posters for local clubs in New Orleans that just tickled my fancy like you wouldn't believe. I think my great love for New Orleans is what helps me create such beautiful designs for Masquerade Parties and Mardi Gras.

I also have lots of new tea party designs as well Valentines day. Not sure how I managed it, but I did. Oh, I know, I haven't slept since Christmas.

In honor of Mardi Gras coming up, I wanted to give away some freebies also. Go create and have fun! And most importantly, laissez le bon temps rouler!

As always you can find the largest selection of my invites at my main Etsy Shop!

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