Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honoring the Artist

I hope many of you will be coming to the Bella LuElla Affair on Saturday, December 1st! You will get the opportunity to meet several artists, crafters and just great people all around. I want to highlight a couple of ladies that will be there for you to meet, Deirdre West and Gloria Castaneda.

Deirdre and Gloria will be there Saturday for you to meet. Deirdre will actually be on site painting for those to see. But, what I love about both these women is their passion and drive to do their art. Both of these ladies have stressful full time jobs and lots of responsibilities and yet still push themselves to pursue their passions after they have put in a full days work.

Deirdre actually gets up at first light, often even before, paints outside in whatever Arkansas weather happens to be having at that hour and does her passion before she goes in for a full day's work, then comes home and finishes out her day painting. Gloria will work ten hours, then come home, take care of her household, then stay up till 2 in the morning working on her art. I think these women deserve some recognition! They inspire me and I hope they inspire you too!

Here are some of Deirdre West's latest paintings, of which I have some cards in the shop also!

And here is some of Gloria's work. Gloria is also a graphic designer, product developer as well as a fine artist. She will have some new special calendars available on the 1st that you won't want to miss!

I will be showcasing and talking about more artists this week!

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