Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jewelry Artist Julie Wylie

What we love about Julie's pieces are that they are just so, well Bella! Very feminine, dainty and just lovely. What Julie says about how she got started:

"I fell in love with handmade jewelry in 2010 while on a vacation trip. I visited a bead store and bought a pair of wire wrapped beaded earrings. A few months later I bought a beginner's jewelry making kit and started teaching myself via instructional websites and YouTube videos. After some trial and error, I improved my techniques, figured out my personal style of jewelry, and started crafting up a storm."

And crafting up a storm she does, her are some of her beautiful pieces!

I love these serene greens, very fresh.

One of the interesting things that Julie does is crochet her beaded wire. Makes for very interesting pieces.

Can't get enough of these Bella blues!

Julie uses high quality beads that just make her pieces gorgeous!

Julie actually also makes pottery, her beautiful earrings are displayed here on one of her pieces.

Gorgeous blue stone statement necklace.

This is one of my favorite pieces in the shop currently, very artart nouveau.
Beautiful pieces that are a must see. 

More to come on Julie soon! Come by Bella LuElla and see her pieces, we have a very nice selection! 

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