Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Designs of Wanda Eash

Okay, so I have a confession (wait for it):

Wanda Eash (and daughter Brianna) are a couple of Bella LuElla's treasured designers - that isn't my confession. So the other day (confession coming) I was in the shop loading on Brianna's jewelry, looking at myself in the mirror and telling my friend, "These necklaces are gorgeous!" I kid you not, I layered on about four of them because they were so pretty; had some wrapped around my neck like a choker and others loose and dangling. My friend is watching me and begins to laugh hysterically and says, "You aren't really supposed to wear those I don't think, those are rosary beads, you pray with them." So now you have to imagine the look on my face as I turn my bead covered neck and say "huh?" Confession, I didn't know what rosary beads were or what they were used for. They were gorgeous and sparkly and I couldn't get enough of them, that is all I knew.

Wanda actually does many types of art, including dolls, quilts, various types of jewelry and much more. You can read all about her on her blog. Wanda's designs have been featured in many publications and can be found in many boutiques and shops across America. We at Bella LuElla couldn't be more thrilled to carry her works in our shop!

Ready for some eye candy? I want to show off some of her (and daughter Brianna's) pieces.

These are the rosary beads of Brianna Rocko. I paired them with this Walter Gay etching. 

Some samples of the gorgeous vintage hankie quilts that Wanda creates.

Some of Wanda's jewelry around the shop.

More of Wanda's jewelry in the shop.

From Wanda's Teen Romance series. These pendants are pretty awesome. 

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