Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Firstly, thanks for everyone coming to the blog, just saw that Bella has over 7,000 hits! Secondly, I figured out how to take panoramic pics with my phone! I think these will give you guys a pretty good indicator of how things are coming along! I did notice, however, that it (like me driving) doesn't take corners well.

 I can't believe it is almost time to open! I have so many awesome items in the shop and am getting anxious to start showing some stuff off!

This is a mix of artists Deidre West on the left and Kinya Elenbarger on the right.

Lots of cool art books, poetry books, some vintage and rare books, just lots of books!

More Deidre and Kinya

My desk is finally clear! I am ready to inventory more stuff now!

Need to work on this room with the book shelves next.

We are anticipating a fabulous water colorist to be adding pieces to this room! 

The corner got weird in here, but will work on taking some better pics tomorrow!

My favorite little bookshelf with some more Deidre West pieces!

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