Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Outdoor Sign

I picked up my outdoor signs yesterday. We plan on putting them up Monday, fingers crossed. Right now they are sitting in the shop on their sides because they are 6 feet long by 4 feet wide. Thought I would add a few more fun pictures while I am posting!

My outdoor sign

I found these vintage opera glasses I thought I would display with some vintage opera books I have.

I found this old book in the annex. I love it, almost tempted not to part with it.

I believe it is the 1953 edition. As you can see it is Esquire's Handbook for Hosts

Absolutely love the graphics in it!

This is actually a super fun book with tons of great recipes and ideas.

It has a large section of drink recipes that are pretty awesome.

Finally managed to fill one entire bookcase.

Miss Fluffy, one of the shop cats :) She doesn't come in the shop but lives out back in the annex. Her, Miss Gracie, Miss Peanut and Mr. Blue lounge on the side porch all day. 

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