Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long Over Due Update

A wee bit mad at myself this afternoon for accidentally deleting half the pictures I spent all afternoon yesterday and this morning taking. So after I upload these, I will be off to take more pics! Still shooting for opening end of this month or early June. Meanwhile, lots of goodies rolling in! Finally got my sign up outside, can't remember now if I shared this :)

Outdoor sign up. Still trimming hedges so it is more visible.
Fresh picked flowers I picked :)

I love these Baby Blingkies by Tami Bates Harmon!
Close up of the pink and purple blingkies.

Bath goodies by Marilyn Payne! 

Soaps, body butter and sugar scrubs, they smell amazing!
After many people commenting on the original book pomander I made for display, decided to make one for purchase. 

Lots of fun books and artsy things.
This is a Charles Mondin signed and numbered print. Unfortunately, it wasn't framed under glass, so it has some aging, but grateful to have it in the shop! 

Close up of Paris street scene by Charles Mondin, well known French Artist.

This is a signed and numbered print from artist Daryl Desmond of The Duke.
The detail in this pencil drawing is unbelievable!

This is an original oil painting that made its way from Portugal into a private collection here locally. The artist is G. Ferreira and is a beautiful piece. 
Close up of the G. Ferreira. 

This is an original Frank T. Lent we have. Currently it isn't in the shop, but in a safe place until I can display it properly. Frank T. Lent was a contemporary of the Hudson Valley School painters. I am excited to have this piece.

Lots of local art pouring in. More pics and a blog to come on that soon!

Lots of art books, I mean, really cool art books.

I was tempted to actually take the Peintures out of this and frame them, but it is a collector's item and I didn't want to deprive someone of having this wonderful book.

More interesting books.

I have been building a section for poetry and music. 

I am so excited for many of the awesome books I am getting on the shelves. 

More updates to come soon. I have to go retake pictures this afternoon. More stuff is coming into the shop daily; it has been hard for me to stay caught up, a good problem to have though :)


  1. I came across this blog post while searching for information on Charles Mondin. For a supposedly famous artist, he's surprisingly hard to find out anything about :)

    We have three framed lithographs that were left to us by my husbands mother, purchased in the 1950s when they redecorated their house. I find tons of them for sale on Ebay but I can't seem to find out much about the artist. Do you have any info on him?

  2. Janet,

    I know what you mean about not being able to find information on him. I have actually found this to be true with several artists that I had pieces of that I was trying to sell that were somewhat well known artists.
    I too found very little information about him. The one thing I did find out while trying to research him along with a few other artists, was that if they haven't had someone do a biography on them, there isn't a collection of information about the artist. The good news is that the door is wide open to research and write a biography about this artist, if you are willing to do the research. I stumbled upon someone currently doing that for one of the artists I was researching, Frank T. Lent. She was searching for information, ended up at the local university asking questions where she lived and was actually approached to further the research on him.
    Since Mondin was a french painter, I am wondering if there is a great deal of information in Paris regarding him somewhere. My google results yielded nothing. The fact that he had so many signed and numbered lithographs tells me he was a very prolific artist. I, like you, assumed there would be information on him.
    I know there are art sites you can pay to obtain information about artists, but I was reluctant to attempt that because I could find such little information out there on Mondin.
    I wish I could be of more help to you! Good luck, I think he was a great painter and it is a shame there isn't more info out there on him.


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