Friday, May 25, 2012

It's the Final Countdown

Yes, I sang that post title and I have a hot glue gun in one hand, and a cash register manual in the other. :) I am now officially opening in less than a week! But, I have some shop pretties to share and hope to get some more pics over the next few days.

Collage from works of local artist Deidre West. I have many wonderful pieces in the shop.

Jewelry artist, Julie Wylie. I also have many beautiful pieces by Julie.

Collage made from snapshots of a wonderful book I have of old MGM posters! 

From another wonderful book I have in the shop of old magazine covers! The art in this book is amazing!

Local artist Gloria Castaneda! I love Gloria's work! A fine artist, graphic designer and hand crafter, tons of talent here folks!

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