Friday, December 9, 2016

What is to come in 2017

I typically don't set New Year's goals. But, I do have some goals this year I would like to reach. I  have started working on them already. One, was rebranding and reworking my logo and all my page designs. So far this evening I have gotten half way through most of them. I still have Twitter, Zazzle and YouTube to update. I am hoping to add more designs this year, as well as my party printable packages, hand made items and vintage items I find. I currently have three Etsy shops, a Zazzle Shop, a website and now I am adding listings to purchase on my Facebook site. I am hoping I don't overwhelm myself.

Back to my goals. I am hoping to add more clipart, more designs to Zazzle and start selling on my website. I am also moving forward with several handmade items. Tall order for someone who can barely blog. It is a lot to keep up, especially being a one woman show here. But, anyhoo, my brain is a bit fried from working on too much techie stuff today, but I thought while I was updating graphics on my blog, I would also do a post.

If you are on my Facebook page, you may have noticed several albums I have added regarding party and party decor. I have been going back and forth for a few  years now about party planning and moving toward party backdrops and photography. Every time I have set up a studio outside my apartment, I just wouldn't go. Twice I have done this. I attempted to move back into the shop where Bella used to be by my apartment and I just couldn't get any work done there. So I am attempting to clean out space again in my matchbox of an apartment. I just seem to create and work better on my own time clock, whenever I want in my pajamas. It is how I work best. So, having said all that, I am hoping to set up a studio space this coming year to create party props and other pieces.

I recently did several pieces for my granddaughter's fifth birthday. The theme was Wonderland. So it was appropriately named "Avari in Wonderland." I got another chance to flex my sculpting, painting and creative muscles with physical pieces. I am going to showcase some before and after pieces below, as well as photos from the party. Enjoy and more to come soon!

These are my grand babies! 
Tea Party Set up for all the girls

Mad hatter decor I created from an old snowman hat

Mushroom props I created
Water bottle wraps

Number 5 I created and decorated

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