Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Businesses Need a Voice

Being online can be hard. Having a business online is harder. People have a tendency to act in the most horrific, uncivilized ways online, then paint themselves out as the victim and paint the business owner out as unprofessional. These people need to realize our business is our bread and butter. We support our families with our business. As I have stated often, many businesses don't have the opportunity to defend themselves against unwarranted and unjust attacks online. Especially with Etsy. I love Etsy, they are our bread and butter, and we do very well on Etsy. But, we also deal with a lot of abusive people who cuss at us, threaten us and basically harass us. On Etsy, all we can do is try to respond as professionally as we can and report them as spam. There is no way to block people. I created a section on this blog regarding these types of people on Etsy because these people hurt our businesses. They take food out of our children's mouths. They keep us from paying our bills. They steal from us in essence. Anyone who has an online business I know has experienced this. It can feel completely unjust to have someone attack you, slander your business and steal from you in essence and it be completely unwarranted. And feel like you don't have a voice to defend yourself.

My daughter and I both have Etsy shops, as well as other places we sell online. I have been on Etsy since 2009. I have seen it all. I have three shops and my daughter has one. Over the years, I have learned to navigate through the good and bad online. My daughter is learning now. She recently called me very upset over how a person was treating her on Etsy. This was a new experience for her. She, fortunately, has had to experience this a great deal. Where as I have. I feel it is important to bring people's behavior to light and expose them. They need to be accountable for their behavior. They need to recognize what they are doing and how it affects people. When people do this sort of thing, they are taking food out of my grand children's mouths. They are hurting my daughter. I am not okay with this.

A lady contacted my daughter about an order she needed ASAP. Most people get their orders if they just place an order. Instead, some want to fight with you for days on when they will receive it, when they could have already had their order without the harassment and days of drama. For people who don't realize this, I would like to insert a quick note. Etsy sells WORLDWIDE. We get messages ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT long. Everyone wants their order ASAP. I personally get so many messages a day, I can't answer them all and still complete my orders. The lady who contacted my daughter, also contacted me. She was unaware that my daughter also works in my shop. So my daughter could see she was contacting me, her and who knows who else needing this invite ASAP "like yesterday, lol". I don't rush orders, my daughter probably won't either after this. This lady has since issued an apology, but I still want this to come to light. People need to be aware and modify their behavior. People also need to be aware that there is another side to every story. So next time you see someone ranting about bad customer service, take the time to see if it is actually warranted.

Here is what it is like to deal with people online who act insanely then have them blast you on social media.

She messaged my shop the same question, which my daughter could see. Who knows how many other shops she did this too as well. Again, ANYONE can open an Etsy account, behave poorly, then try to destroy your business. 

This is an example of someone who wasted her own time. She never even placed an order. Had she, she probably would have already had her invite and avoided all this needless drama. 

Notice the constant, excessive questions, again, without an order place. She asks if my daughter is going to take her order. Have you placed an order? Here is a note to those out there. Most Etsy sellers see this as a red flag and a very problematic customer who will be difficult and turn out badly. We have dealt with enough of these types of sales to see the signs early on. 

She then proceeded to act like the victim and call my daughter names. 
AND THEN HAD THE AUDACITY   to post this review on a Facebook Forum.
Thankfully we started getting flooded with messages regarding what she did.

 Again, she may have apologized, but it doesn't make it okay for people to hurt businesses like this. Or attempt to. This is our livelihood. This is how we support our families. What gives a person the right to try to destroy it, completely unwarranted? I am posting this to make people aware of the behavior of others and also to maybe have people think for a moment before they act insane online.

While posting this, I also want to TRULY THANK the people out there that recognize this bad behavior, research and not just respond to something like this and fuel the fire. We sincerely thank all of the people who took the time to read the unwarranted bad review of this lady. I am sure many of them have businesses and deal with this daily frustration. It can seem quite unjust.

Now, back to creating and growing our businesses!

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