Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Larissa Herndon, you little fibber

As noted prior, because of the one sidedness of Etsy's review system, I have taken responding to negative (and ludicrous) reviews into my own hands. Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy, they are my bread and butter. However, with their current review system, anyone can post anything and there isn't actually a way to share your side. People who leave bad reviews on Etsy, I believe, need to have their bad behavior showcased. Who are they to hurt my business when they are clearly either unreasonable, abusive or just often, just thieves in essence looking for freebies.

This is regarding the order to Larissa Herndon, who left this review on my Bella LuElla Etsy shop.

Truly laughable when I saw it this morning

I would like to share my complete correspondence with this "lady" and the transaction. I have multiple messages from here as seen below and I was more than patient with her insanity, as you will see below also. She deserves a bad review, which I will give her (and not just for spelling errors.)

She had messaged me the same message on several of my designs. 

I created her proof, and THEN made all these corrections. What comes next is the laughable part.
After I send her the revised proof with all her corrections, she wants to change the design. What little respect one has for people who design. 

So after I have basically done one order for her, she just wants to change it and think she can just pay the $1 difference in the price. Completely disregarding my time and the fact that she already has one design. I don't suffer fools. I also don't tolerate abuse or people who have such disrespect for my time or designs. 

This is where she assumes she can just pay $1 for an entirely new design and not caring about the time spent on the previous design. So I inform her of this.

Apparently she thinks she can choose 3 designs for proofs ??? This is her stupidity. So I explain the unfairness. So then after I have created the design and corrections, she decided I want a refund. Meaning, Whah! Give me free stuff because I can't comprehend reading basic simple or instructions. 

I did do the changes, she just changed her mind and decided, oh I want an entirely different design.

I guess she didn't like that she didn't get her way, so she leaves me a bad review.
How disrespectful can you be? Apparently THIS disrespectful.

I have over a thousand glowing reviews. The few bad ones I have are people like this that think they will just get away with behaving the way they do because no one can see what is going on behind the scenes. There is where I take action against this. As you can clearly see, her bad review is unwarranted. She was difficult to work with and she was unprofessional. I think it is only fair that I am able to post the entire truth of the transaction. Don't you? 

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