Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Etsy Review System

I have been on Etsy since 2009. I have three shops. Throughout this time, I have battled many obstacles. One of the most irritating aspects of Etsy is their "Reviews" section for customers. I have always felt that we, as shop owners, are backed into a corner regarding this.  I see this as a problem across the board with many businesses. People will seldom review when they are happy, but will use it as a platform to try to strong arm or hurt businesses. This frustrates me. Mainly because I always give excellent customer service, unless people are abusive. I absolutely have no tolerance for obnoxious people, in "real" life or online. I set strong boundaries, and treat people in the exact same manner they treat me. You cross a boundary, I let you know.

Anyone can open an account on Etsy, pay some chump change and harass the hell out of shop owners with little protection from Etsy. They only recently added a spam filter in their message system. But, I would rather be able to block people from messaging me or even purchasing anything from my shops. I used to be afraid of bad reviews, until I realized it was only a game for most customers to extort free stuff from Etsy.  And I don't work for free, nor do I tolerate BS anymore.

Recently I have come under attack on my main invitation shop. It has frustrated me that when people leave bad reviews, that I really can't defend myself or show what actually transcended from the transaction. I thought long and hard about this, going back and forth on how to handle this. I feel like if I am going to be berated and have to deal with bad reviews, then it is only fair I be able show the TRUE transaction history with people leaving negative reviews. I decided to create a section on my blog to showcase the horrific behavior of people on Etsy.

I think people who don't deal with the general public online on a daily basis will be appalled by the behavior of people. I am doing this, one, to make people aware of the behavior of people leaving negative reviews, but, two, to also to rebut the people leaving the bad reviews. I feel this is only fair as I need to protect my business and reputation.

I hope this gives people some perspective on what it is like for other people who have businesses and have to deal with "customers" who are just very difficult to deal with. Over the years I have witnessed an increase of horrible, if not appalling behavior of people online. This is what it has led me to do in reacting. It is unfortunate.

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