Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bad Review Response to awilda aldebol

This was an extremely annoying transaction. This was actually the person that inspired me to protect myself. I think these screenshots pretty much showcase what it was like to deal with this person. But first, a screenshot of her review:

Now, there was obviously a wee bit of a language barrier, which I am totally used to and it isn't an issue. But, once you see how she treated me from the get go, you will see why I lost patience with her/him/it. Most people don't use their real names on Etsy, nor do their screen names ever match the account information.
Original proof sent, corrections and revisions sent, all seemed well.

Revisions made and files were sent.

Her files were sent along with printing info. Then she began to ask about supporting pieces.

I was pretty clear on the fact that I don't create files without payment. This is my policy to protect my time and designs. I sent samples of some supporting pieces done. 

She began to be rude with her "how much" after I had sent  her links to purchase, which she refused to do. I knew at this point, from years of experience, she would be difficult. So I decided to charge her for a custom order if she wanted the pieces.

One of the things you can recognize pretty early on once you have been on Etsy for as long as I have, is how to spot a difficult customer pretty early on. 9 out of 10 people are easy breezy, no hassle on drama. Then there is that 1 out of ten that is just a total nightmare and has a problem throughout the entire process and is typically just rude. What happened next is just, well, a bit insane.

I can see the files attached. Not only are the files attached, but I emailed them and added them to my dropbox. 

I sent the files every avenue I could.

So she has an attachment and a link to download from dropbox and I emailed the files.

I am not even sure what she is talking about at this point. She has the file she ordered, the one she approved, the one sent multiple times. 

Printing is not my problem. I try in every way to typically help my customers, but this one had just become difficult and I was pretty sure at this point she was just harassing me for some unknown reason.

So, as you can see, this transaction was not an easy one at all. Totally not worth the less than $11 I made off this transaction after I paid for listing costs, fees, etc. So what did I make off this transaction? A headache, a bad review, but also the decision to showcase the absurdity I deal with on Etsy.

Again, since Etsy doesn't allow you to really protect yourself with their review system, I feel it only fair that I be able to protect myself. I hope the general public will get some sort of idea of what it is like to deal with people online and perhaps people will become more conscious of their behavior.

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