Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Spring Facebook Covers

I don't know how I lost a folder filled with spring Facebook banners, but I did. I was a wee bit upset! I had done a ton of St. Patrick's Day and Easter Facebook freebie banners, and they are gone. :(
I have been designing like a madwoman, rapidly creating massive files and needed to start backing them up and storing them off my computer. I must have inadvertently threw them away, grrrr. It won't help to tell you that some of them had the cutest bunny rabbits on them. I will keep looking, and hopefully have some time to create some new ones soon! And now, that you are thoroughly disappointed...

So, I have been blissfully wrapped up in designing these past few weeks. I have started making and selling more intricate custom facebook banners on my Etsy and have to show off a couple I just recently did. The pink one is my favorite! I am currently using it on my personal page. If you like these, they are available for purchase and I will customize them for you. Find them here on my Etsy:

Now, because you are such sweeties, I am going to give away a few other freebie graphics below! 

Just click on the images, and right click or control click to save to your computer! More coming soon!

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