Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitty Cucumber and Friends!

I just love art and graphics. I think that is why I am just enamored by many of the books I have in the shop! I just recently stumbled upon some vintage Kitty Cucumber tags also! Cuteness overload!

Getting closer and closer to opening, hopefully by Thursday, but it is looking like it might be Friday. I still have tons of stuff to do, but I am getting there! Until then, enjoy some adorable!

I have a very, I mean very limited amount of these vintage Kitty Cucumber tags. So super duper adorable!
I only have one each of these rare Kitty Cucumber die cut tags. I gotta tell you guys, out of everything thing I have stumbled upon these are truly the items I want to be stingy with and keep :) But, I love to share, more than I love to keep :)

I have a rare and vintage kids book in the shop that is filled, I mean FILLED with adorable stories and graphics. I will be showcasing the book soon!

More pics from the book I have of vintage magazine covers. Oh how I love the graphics in this book!

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