Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bella Sooie

I haven't added much to Etsy in  a bit, primarily because I am focusing on getting stuff into RiffRaff ( for football season. I have been working on some of the cutest things in red and black. I am hoping to drop off some items next week and the following week.

I am feeling like I am already behind for fall and I am not sure how that happened, except for commercially the seasons seemed to be pushed earlier and earlier each year. I am way behind on my knitting and soaps. I also have a couple of custom orders I am wrapping up. Okay, I haven't started them, but I am going to this week. They include tutu's and a Mad Hatter Hat, which I am pretty excited about doing. I haven't been able to do costume design in a long time and am anxious to tackle that.

Let's see, what else? There are a couple of shows I am thinking about doing this holiday season. I will keep you posted on that. I hopefully will have pictures this week some new stuff heading to RiffRaff. So, I think that is all I can think to update for now. I have actually been very busy with my other business (bread and butter rent payer) which is painting commercially, apartment complexes. This time of year is always busy because of college kids coming into town and people moving for different school districts. Hopefully soon, I will get a little more time for creating. :)

More to come soon!

x0x0 ~ Bella Cynthia

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